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Submissions & Awards


Students are invited to submit videos (or field vlogs) to Sustainable Earth Scientist. Submissions to the editorial team should communicate your proposed solutions to climate change with clarity and enthusiasm. This is an opportunity to be positively solution-oriented towards resolving society’s great climate change challenge. Translate what you have learned as an Earth Scientist into constructive inspirational video content. Look at the example video below and on our videos page. "Three Minute Talk" videos are encouraged and the preferred submission format is a YouTube URL. The editorial team shall select the best submissions for publication on this website. Submissions in a cover email should be sent to the


At its discretion, the Sustainable Earth Scientist will recognise outstanding submissions with awards, some of which will have a monetary prize ($100), and all of which will intrinsically bestow an accolade from their peers in the editorial team, which the recipient may choose to add to their curriculum vitae.

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