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Decarbonisation Exploration

Over the centuries, our species burnt trees, then coal, then oil and gas for life-sustaining energy. This low-cost energy enabled great progress in life expectancy, shared prosperity and personal mobility. However, compounded by agricultural, industrial, and digital revolutions, and significant population growth, it also led to anthropogenic destabilisation of the Earth’s atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.


Our planet’s feedback systems, including climate change, are signalling us to help her. Indeed, we are, but we need to do more, and with higher urgency. ​The revolutionary economics of decarbonisation exploration offers exciting opportunities for every Sustainable Earth Scientist. There are opportunities to transfer and up-skill, and for those beginning their professions, there is now scope to launch their careers in the decarbonisation economy and the energy transition towards more renewable solutions. We must avoid, reduce and capture our harmful greenhouse gas emissions. 


Decarbonisation exploration is the future of exploration. It is time to explore for dispatchable geothermal energy resources and subterranean energy storage for the imminent hydrogen / electric economy, whilst also finding CO2 sequestration sites to help remediate our atmosphere.

Other Earth Science solutions involve creating sustainable approaches to water, mineral and metal resources as required e.g. in smart cites, and solar and wind farms etc.

Image by Enric Moreu
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